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Deep Wellbeing and Soul Making 

course programme 2019/20


My courses, workshops and writing are about exploring ways of living life fully – soulfully and with integrity. My new DEEP WELLBEING & SOULMAKING course is running as a face to face group programme in Pembrokeshire AND as online learning from Autumn 2019.  I am now taking bookings for this and you can get a prospectus by clicking on the peregrine icon on the left.


DEEP WELLBEING & SOULMAKING begins in October, either as part of a face-to-face group at St Davids Wellbeing Centre in Pembrokeshire, OR online via webinars and video coaching.


If you're interested in the course – including costs, commitments and timescales – please get in touch by emailing me at: steve@21soul.co.uk or download the prospectus from HERE.


You’ll find a brief outline of the course below:


Deep Wellbeing and Soulmaking is a learning and development programme aimed at people who are interested in creative development in these challenging times. It is for anyone interested in developing their own deep wellbeing and resilience within an ecological, connected framework.


This is a multi-session programme running from the Autumn of 2019 at St Davids Wellbeing Centre.


The course provides a deep dive into the ideas and practices of deep wellbeing and soul making. It is intended to be used flexibly and comprises nine modules and two full-day retreats.


For the face to face group will be nine evening sessions – running monthly on Thursday evenings – with a full day retreat at the beginning and end of the programme. The programme is aimed at supporting psychological and spiritual development, integral life practice, ecological activism and creativity.


The online group will 'meet' and be supported via email and video work, and are also invited to to attend the full day retreats in October 2019 and July 2020.


Retreat day 1, Sat. 5th October: Introduction to Deep Wellbeing, its frameworks and contexts


Monthly Modules, Thursdays 6.30 till 9.30 pm:

Module 1, October 17th: A poetic constellation of the self

Module 2, November 21st: The practices of deep wellbeing

Module 3, December 19th: Climate breakdown, unpsychology and troubled times

Module 4, January 16th 2020: Five lives of soul and shadow

Module 5, February 20th: Growing the acorn - character and calling

Module 6, March 19th: The realities of existence

Module 7, April 23rd: Experience and the constellation of the self 

Module 8, May 21st: Connection, love and ecology of mind

Module 9, June 1th: The creative soul emerging


Retreat day 2: Sat. July 11th: Bringing it together – self, world and practice into action


You can also choose to discuss the ideas, questions and practices with me in one-to-one coaching sessions. The questions, activities and course notes are designed to be used flexibly, and can be used as a prompt for your reflections, journalling and group discussions.


There are two options for joining:


First - as a member of a face-to-face group course running monthly on Thursday evenings in St Davids, Pembrokeshire. This course starts and ends with two Saturday day-retreats at the Wellbeing Centre in St Davids where the learning framework will be introduced (October 5th 2019) and consolidated for the future (July 11th 2020). The other nine sessions will take place on Thursday evenings from 6.30 till 9.30 pm. There will be one coaching module included in the course and you can add more (at a discounted price) as you go. There will be 10 places on this course.


Second – you can join an online version of the course which will run over the same period, but which you undertake at home, with email and video-link coaching conversations to track your progress. The course materials are the same as for the face-to-face option above, but instead of the workshops, you can join a monthly online group conversation. You're also welcome to come to the Day Retreats in October 2019 and July 2020 if you can (see dates above) – St Davids is an AMAZING place to visit at any time of year! If you would like to do this,  get in touch.


Find out more about the options and prices by clicking HERE to download the course prospectus or email me and I’ll send you course information by return.


Any questions about the course or how to join, please get in touch with me: steve@21soul.co.uk













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