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Soul Making e-courses and programmes


My e-courses and writing are about exploring ways of living life fully – soulfully and with integrity. You can work on the soulmaking e-course or combine it with coaching work.


For 2019, I am continuing to offer my 9-module Soulmaking course which has been very well received over the last few years. I only take on a few individuals to do this course each year, as it is an intensive, deep piece of work.


If you're interested in the course – including getting a sense of costs, commitments and timescales – please get in touch by emailing me at: steve@21soul.co.uk


You’ll find a brief outline of the course below and more details are in the prospectus which you can download from this page.


Soulmaking and Deep Wellbeing – this e-course is a deep exploration of the elements of your development and life journey – social, ecological and soulful – within the contexts of your own practices and place in the world. It consists of 9 modules undertaken over the period of around a year. You’ll emerge with a profound awareness of your  'self', and the ways in which your work and life will develop and grow into the future. This course includes online coaching support. Find out more HERE.*


The Wellbeing Sessions – a FREE three module course, introducing you to the ideas and practices of deep wellbeing and soulwork. This e-course will help you start to find your way of integrating your life, work and practice, and set out a path for moving forward. Find out more HERE (this link will be live soon!).


Tools for Troubled Times – this brand new coaching and development programme will be launched  in 2020. There will be modules exploring practices that we all need to engage with the difficult times we live in – and to live and work as activists and with integrity and love. You can find my initial posts on this theme on my Medium publication at: medium.com/21stcenturysoul


*Note: I'll be offering a face-to-face version of this course in St Davids Wellbeing Centre, Pembrokeshire later in 2019. Details will be posted on Facebook and on this website nearer the time.






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